Unknown North

What happens when science meets mysticism on Mars?

A novel of dark fantasy and wildly speculative science-fiction, about a manned mission to Mars that turns into something much more otherworldly than anyone involved could ever have imagined.

1. Four More Stars in a Starry Sky

2. The Not Knowing

3. The Quintessence of Light

4. A Spider in a Wheel

5. Threatening Questions

6. The Ladder and the Hollow Oak

7. Wooing Luci

8. RadialShade

9. Ladder Logic

10. The Smart Creatures of the Wood

11. Caduceus and Fear

12. Faith and Consequences

13. Deep-Space Ops

14. Normal Lives

15. The Lights Below

16. Cimmerian Light

17. Prisms

18. Mouse’s Machine

19. Circadia X

20. Mouse on Mars

21. Debriefing Dreams

22. Body of Light

23. Light in Dark Corners

24. The Science of Faith

25. Somewhere Else Entirely

26. Doorway to Entanglement

27. Darkness and Silence

28. Ulterior Motives

29. Credible Impossibilities

30. Hiram’s Dream

31. Summons

32. Darkness From Light

33. The Epiphany Directive

34. The Long Watch

35. Light Conversation

36. Wood and Stone

37. Langer in the Air

38. The Way the Light Bends and the Darkness Falls

New chapters will be posted weekly until the story is done.

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