Arbatel de Magia Veterum

Isagoge: A Table of Good and Evil



  • Knowledge of the Word of God and ruling one's life according to the word of God.
  • Knowledge of the government of God by Angels -- which the Scripture calleth watchmen -- and to understand the mystery of Angels.
Anthrosophy given to man
  • Knowledge of natural things.
  • Wisdom in humane things.


  • Contempt of the word of God and to live after the will of the devil.
  • Ignorance of the government of God by Angels.
  • To contemne the custody of the Angels and that their companions are of the devil.
  • Idolatry.
  • Atheisme.
  • The knowledge of poisons in nature, and to use them.
  • Wisdom in all evil arts, to the destruction of mankinde, and to use them in contempt of God, and for the loss and destruction of men.