35. Light Conversation

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Chapter thirty-five of Unknown North, a novel that will be published chapter-by-chapter until it’s done. All chapters so far: Unknown North.

Dajenour brought Sophie back to Henry, but not to the spot they had taken off from. The Golgantry knew everything about the woods and Perendjo, so finding people wasn’t hard for them. There were others who could see farther, and when the Golgantry needed help, they knew who to ask, but Dajenour needed no help finding the boy. They landed almost silently—the slightest puff of air from back-pedaling wings ran though Henry’s hair—and when Henry turned to them, he only had eyes for Sophie. He cried out and ran to her and hugged her before he composed himself, his smiles quickly fading to concern. He realized the tree she’d been beside wasn’t there anymore, because the Golgantry were as good at not being found as they were at finding. » Read the rest of this entry «