3. The Quintessence of Light

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Chapter three of Unknown North, a novel that will be published chapter-by-chapter until it’s done. All chapters so far: Unknown North.

Dr. Howard Fobell had been asked to work on the Star Event because of his views that natural light might actually be conscious. It was an odd take, to be sure—and one that would never reach as close to the surface as even the obscure, scholarly science journals—but here, in the shadows where science still asked the left-field questions, Dr. Fobell was highly respected. In his model, the Sun was more like a massive dandelion, with light like seed pods constantly streaming from the surface on the solar wind. And UFOs, by his estimation, may indeed be nothing more than balls of light—albeit balls of light with intelligence.

“The Star Event is definitely consciously controlled,” Dr. Fobell told the smattering of shadow scientists in the well-lit room around him. Were it not for the lab coats, one might have assumed the meeting—replete with paperwork on the table and bar graphs on the overhead—to be a conference of a board of directors.

“The stars appear to have positioned themselves before turning on, as it were, and then maintained their relative positions, using our moon as a guide, before they turned off again.”

“Why our moon?” an innocuous young man asked.

“Quite simply, Dr. Brown, they wanted to be seen.”

The thought set up quite a loud murmur among the eight or so other men and women in the room, and Dr. Fobell had to clear his throat twice before continuing.

“Think of it like a child hiding behind a hedge who wants to be chased. The child will peek out—even step into full view—until Mommy or Daddy sees him. Then he runs away, and Mommy and Daddy will follow.”

“All right, Howard, I’ll buy it,” a woman at the head of the table said. “Then where are they leading us?”

Dr. Fobell smiled privately to himself then scanned the faces in the room, all turned to him expectantly.

“What none of us noticed—or, rather, ignored because we knew what it was—is that there were actually five stars in the Star Event: four anomalous stars and one perfectly normal planet. While compensating for the movement of the moon and the planet, the lights managed to hide in plain sight what I think was their destination. We all thought they were hovering in space near the moon, but we need to consider perspective. The lights were nowhere near the moon. The Star Event was all about that fifth star—the planet. The lights, I believe, were heading for Mars.”

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