The Tree of Life of the Qabalists

Start at the bottom and work your way up, left to right. The relation of this journey to Parzival's journey in the Grail myths is given in parenthesis.

10: Malkuth: Kingdom (birthright)

9:   Yesod: Foundation (journey)

8:   Hod: Splendor (arrival; the castle)

7:   Netzach: Victory (entrance; welcome)

6:   Tiphareth: Beauty (audience with the Grail King)

5:   Geburah: Severity (failure; rejection)

4:   Chesed: Mercy (the Priest/hermit)

3:   Binah: Understanding (explanation; enlightenment)

2:   Chokmah: Wisdom (death)

1:   Kether: The Crown (the afterlife)