The Hexagram

The hexagram is the shape created naturally by bees in the hive. The symbology of bees thus becomes linked to that of the hexagram, and by extension, the number six and the Seal of Solomon (or Star of David).

The hexagram -- and resultant star -- is the one of the most powerful mystic symbols. It represents the Sixth Principle: That of a consciousness united fully with the Manas or Universe. It is two triangles overlapping -- the balance of Man and Universe, each with its own triangle of balance.

Most often the figure is drawn with one triangle white and the other black, to represent a perfect union of the Spiritual and Material, or the Macrocosm and Microcosm. This is the loss of the Individual within the Universal -- the ultimate goal of all Magi often thought of as "Oneness" with the universe.

The "magic" of the sacred number seven -- representing complete release from the world, from consciousness, even from the Oneness of six -- comes only from the power of six. Remember: Man is five, the Devil is six, and God is seven. Man must experience the physical to realize His potential within the Spiritual. Without the physical plane, the spiritual would have no meaning. For this reason, Christian mystics believe, God came to Earth and lived as a Man in Jesus.