Graveworm Press

Cleveland, Ohio

Est. 1996

The Inflated Graveworm

Published by Graveworm Press
Cleveland, Ohio

Printed by Outlandish Press
Lakewood, Ohio

Rex Vermis

David Powers

Conditor Vermium

Mike Miller
Jeanne Dietrick
Tim Frashure

Patronum Vermis

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The Inflated Graveworm is published
quarterly near the following dates

Samhain (October 31)
Imbolc (February 1)
Beltane (May 1)
Lammas (August 1)

Free in person

Pick up The Inflated Graveworm free
in Lakewood, Ohio at the following locations

"If you can't find it, ask for it."

West End

17810 Detroit Ave.

1384 Bonnieview Ave.

My Mind's Eye
16010 Detroit Ave.


East End

Cleveland Curiosities
13375 Madison Ave.

Magically Found
13349 Madison Ave.

12611 Madison Ave.


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Imbolc 2024 (#26)

Winter 2023 (#25)

Summer 2003 (#24)

Spring 2003 (#23)

Winter 2003 (#22)

Autumn 2002 (#21)

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