The Qabalistic Man

The Grand Man

Within each person are reflected the Four Spheres of the Sephiroth, which correlate to parts of the body, forming a right pentagram:

Head = Atziluth
Hands = Briah
Genitalia = Yetzirah
Feet = Assiah

Each Sphere, as well as the original Sephiroth, also makes a Grand Man, based on the journey of the Spirit through Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life in Man

To become one with AIN, each person must traverse the Tree of Life, following the Heirarchy of the Emanations through each of the 50 Gates. We must each, then, move from one Sphere to the next as our Spirits mature, and thus become a "new" Man each time. Each of the five Men is made up of the heirarchies of the Tree of Life:

10 = Feet = King
9 = Genitalia = Priest
8 = Right Knee = Angel
7 = Left Knee = Archangel
6 = Navel = Cherub (God)
5 = Right Hand = Dominant
4 = Left Hand = Virtuous
3 = Right Shoulder = Principal
2 = Left Shoulder = Powerful
1 = Head = "Son of Fire" (All-Knowing)

The Auric Egg

Man, like the Sephiroth, was created from the movement of AIN. And just as the creation of AIN SOPH AUR left behind an Abyss with the Four Spheres contained in the Auric Egg, so, too, is Man contained in an Auric Egg.

The Auric Egg which contains Man is centered physically at His navel and spiritually at His ego (consciousness; wisdom). Some claim to be able to see a person's Auric Egg, more commonly known as the Aura. Accordingly, each of the 5 Grand Men of the Spirit, as it journies through the Tree of Life, would presumably have an Aura that looked different from Sphere to Sphere.


The word "Man" does not refer to a material male but to the Qabalistic/Gnostic concept of "man" -- an androgynous being made up of both the male and female "fertilizing spirits." We are all, most accurately, Mother, Father, and Light, or AIN, AIN SOPH, and AIN SOPH AUR.