Mosley's Zodiac (year 1988 CE)

This table depicts the "true" dates of the signs, as calculated in 1988 by astronomer John Mosley, of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, using observational astronomy coupled with the "boundaries" of the constellations as established by the International Astronomical Union in 1928. Since the IAU boundaries of the constellations are relatively arbitrary, compared to when the first stars of a sign actually rise heliacally, some see this table as inherrently flawed, even though Mosley has re-inserted Ophiuchus (though his placement of her after Scorpio is questionable).

Constellation Dates
Aquarius February 16 to March 11
Pisces March 12 to April 18
Aries April 19 to May 13
Taurus May 14 to June 19
Gemini June 20 to July 20
Cancer July 21 to August 9
Leo August 10 to September 15
Virgo September 16 to October 30
Libra October 31 to November 22
Scorpio November 23 to November 29
Ophiuchus November 30 to December 17
Sagittarius December 18 to January 18
Capricorn January 19 to February 15