The Sidereal Zodiac (year 2000 CE)

This table depicts the Sidereal Zodiac, created by Cyril Fagan in 1947. Fagan realized that the last time the Tropical (Greek) Zodiac was actually correct, due to precession, was 221 CE, and has since then diveraged at a rate of 1 degree every 72 years. Tropical Longitudes (which most ephemeri use) are converted to Sidereal Longitude (SL) by adding the Synetic Vernal Point (SVP, which is Tropical 0º) to the Tropical Longitude (TL) and subtracting one sign of the zodiac (SZ). This gives you the true sign and its true longitude. The "Date" given here is the date closest to the SL. Sadly, Fagan did not correct to include Ophiuchus and retained the Greek demarcation of 30º per sign.

Trop. Zodiac SVP TL SL Date Sid. Zodiac
Aquarius 5.2636º 0.2372º 5.5008º Jan.26 Capricorn
Pisces 5.2622º 0.6481º 5.9397º Feb.25 Aquarius
Aries 5.2614º 0.6783º 5.9397º Mar.26 Pisces
Taurus 5.2601º 0.2162º 5.4763º Apr.25 Aries
Gemini 5.2597º 0.2467º 5.5064º May.26 Taurus
Cancer 5.2586º 0.8819º 6.1405º Jun.27 Gemini
Leo 5.2569º 0.4483º 5.7052º Jul.28 Cancer
Virgo 5.2556º 0.1675º 5.4231º Aug.29 Leo
Libra 5.2547º 0.2661º 5.5208º Sep.28 Virgo
Scorpio 5.2539º 0.8797º 6.1336º Oct.29 Libra
Sagittarius 5.2531º 0.9964º 6.2495º Nov.27 Scorpio
Capricorn 5.2517º 0.4397º 5.6914º Dec.27 Sagittarius