The Tropical (Greek) Zodiac (year 2000 CE)

This table depicts the "standard" zodiac, created by the Greeks and still used to this day by modern astrologers. It shows the traditional date that the sign is considered to be rising heliacally, along with that sign's actual altitude on that day at sunrise (for the year 2000, not corrected for Daylight Savings Time). Remember: In order to truly be rising heliacally, a sign must be at 11.25º altitude to be visible at sunrise (negative altitudes are still below the horizon at sunrise).

Constellation Date Sunrise Alt.
Aquarius Jan.21 8:05 0.7º
Pisces Feb.19 7:32 -2.8º
Aries Mar.21 6:43 -5.0º
Taurus Apr.20 5:52 -9.0º
Gemini May.20 5:14 -14.3º
Cancer Jun.21 5:03 -15.3º
Leo Jul.21 5:22 -8.0º
Virgo Aug.22 5:54 -21.0º
Libra Sep.22 6:29 -42.7º
Scorpio Oct.22 7:03 -31.5º
Sagittarius Nov.21 7:39 -26.7º
Capricorn Dec.21 8:07 -17.7